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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - Lesson in non-linearity

Slumdog Millionaire offers a great example in non-linearity which is so prevalent in the world but so difficult to fathom or make ourselves come to terms with it.

Here we were believing that the only source of an Oscar for India is in the 'Best Foreign Movie' category and then came Slumdog (a good movie no doubt) a de-facto Indian movie with not 1 but a stagerring 10 Oscar nominations with three nominations for AR Rahman including one jointly with Gulzaar. It has already won 4 Golden Globe's including 1 for AR Rahman.

What a remarkable turn of events!

It is this non-linearity (life jumps; does not progress steadily in a linear manner) which is what I find most difficult to come to terms with. Non-linearity is everywhere, take financial markets (who predicted such staggering collapse of world economy), politics (see how the terrorist attack of 26/11 was a non-linear event in regional politics), sports (who predicted India of all teams would win the T20 world cup that too in bouncy grounds of SA).

Unfortunately our minds are by design extremely incapable of handling non-linearity; something we witness on almost daily basis - which causes a lot of problems and frustrations!

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